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Impressive Win By Carolina, But Let's Not Get Carried Away posted on 12/09/2008

as a fan, monday night's game was the most satisfying panther's game i've ever watched(and i've been following carolina for years). this was such a huge game. division rivals with two of the league's best records playing in front of a national audience so late in the season.

i honestly expected them to lose. i was doing what a lot of fans do, i was trying to guard myself against the dissapointment i was bound to feel.  i've enjoyed the panthers success this season, but i've sort of feared they were frauds. i didn't think they were as good as their record indicated. let's face it, they could easily have been 5-7 going into monday night's game. they've lucked out more than once this season. the first two weeks of the season they pulled out wins on the last play of the game. against arizona they were saved by a couple of huge steve smith plays. against green bay they were also saved by a couple of huge plays by steve smith. few of the panthers wins this year have been completely satisfying. they've often been sloppy. they have rarely dominated games. for the first half of the season their defense saved them, while the offense bumbled and stumbled through far too many three and outs. the offense has been inconsistent all year. there has been glimpses of their potential. the two young runningbacks have had solid years, especially deangelo williams. they've had a lot of big spurts. the passing game has been sketchy though, and that's what i haven't been able to understand. how does a team with steve smith, and a solid running game, struggle so much on offense? they just haven't been putting it all together.

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